Saturday, June 13, 2009

Number 19 and an Addendum to 26

Thing number 19 was to see an Opera. I went with Jenny, Pam, Amy, and Nicole to the Kennedy Center to see Turandot last month. The third act starts with Nessun Dorma, which was the reason we chose to see this opera. I enjoyed it very much.

Thing number 26 was originally to take part in the polar bear plunge. Due to some scheduling issues with school I wasn't able to make it out to the event. So I decided to change it to "ride a donkey up a mountain." This was something we decided to do while planning our shore excursions on our cruise in Greece. I really wanted to do it but I was a little nervous since I have a small fear of falling or vertigo or something (I don't mind being up high, just being close to the edge). Honestly is was an amazing experience, definitely a highlight of the trip. The donkeys zig-zag up a wide stone path, often getting close to the edge. This is all done without a guide, the donkeys just know where to go. About a quarter of the way up, I was no longer bothered by the fear and even thought I might try skydiving next. Ha. I don't know if I actually will (why jump out of a perfectly good airplane), but riding that donkey has been quite liberating. Thanks donkey!

Kat, me, Amy, and Jenny at the top after our ride.