Thursday, January 19, 2012

There is a State That is So Great

and Texas is it’s name-o! (sung to the tune of Bingo.)

For New Year’s we joined my mom’s extended family in Houston. We gather every few years, especially when my uncle and aunt come from New Zealand. John and I were the last to arrive on Friday. We had a fun weekend of food, museums, movies, and bonding. John got to meet those that couldn’t make it to the wedding and I met two of my cousin’s kids.
Jenny with Belle

Saturday we went to the Houston Fine Arts Museum to see the exhibit on King Tut. One of the reasons we know so much about him is that his contemporaries tried to erase all memory of him because his father tried to convert Egypt to monotheism. Since no one knew about him, there were fewer looters looking for his tomb.

For NYE, my aunt and uncle hosted an open house for friends in the area. John’s friend from college, Dave, and his family, Julie, Bailey, and Maddie, came. It was so fun to visit with them. After the open house, the cousins relocated to my cousin’s house to ring in the new year.
On Sunday, John and I went to church. It turns out we attended the ward that my mom was a member of when she lived in Houston in the 70s. That afternoon, we went to the San Jacinto Monument. It’s a memorial on the battlefield when the Texans won their independence from Mexico.

Dad “photoboming” my picture of Jenny

The monument

Sunday night we went on a ride through a neighborhood of lovely homes decorated with gorgeous Christmas lights!
These were strands of lights dangling from the branches. John is standing under the tree above.DSCN0522DSCN0523DSCN0525DSCN0526DSCN0527DSCN0528DSCN0529DSCN0530DSCN0531DSCN0532DSCN0534DSCN0535DSCN0536DSCN0537

It was a fun way to start the year!