Friday, October 26, 2012

3 Weeks (give or take)

Baby's expected arrival is just 3 weeks away. I've been nesting a little, mostly in the form of deep cleaning the apartment. I pick out one task everyday, take care of it, have lunch, and take a nap. This mid-day routine seems to work pretty well. I also try to get out of the house at least for a few minutes everyday.

I've been enjoying this in-between-time. I couldn't have accomplished all these things while working and working would have been hard with the tiredness and the development of carpel tunnel (which will go away after the baby comes and the swelling goes away). The time to nap is also great on days where I haven't gotten enough sleep the night before.

There seems to be a good deal of pregnancy fog going on in my head. It's often related to time. I sometimes think that we're in April or May and the days have been sort of blending together; weekends are the only days I have a handle on since John is home and we go to church on Sundays. I also easily forget what I've been talking about in a matter of moments, even in the middle of a topic. I make lots of lists.

John keeps joking that the storm that is supposed to hit our area next week will bring the baby. Mom says that the full moon will also contribute to me going into labor. I know he'll come when he's good and ready. I haven't spent too much time thinking about labor. We took a great class and I've done some reading, but I know that it will be something that I have to experience to really understand.