Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thing Number 13...

Number 13 was to visit the National Arboretum. The arboretum makes you forget that you're in the middle of DC (and that the Anacostia is a dirty, dirty river). It was a fabulous day; sunny and warm. We visited the azaleas, the dogwoods, and the pillars from the original capitol building that burnt in 1814. There was so much that we didn't see, the park is huge. I love spring in DC!

PS. Thing number 1 is less than 3 weeks away!!! I passed my comprehensive exams and am just 1 final exam away fom completing my course work.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thing #24

Last week I went with some friends to play laser tag. It was exactly what I expected it to be. There were so many people in the game, I'm not sure I actually shot anyone. But there we more thing done. Sadly, we didn't take any pictures, but these kids pretty much sum it up:

The next 6 weeks or so should be much more exciting in accomplishing things on the list. I think there are at least 4 things that will get done in that time and some of them are BIG!