Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Season Happenings

Last week, John participated with the Mormon Choir of Washington in the lighting ceremony at the Visitors’ Center at the Washington DC Temple. This kicks off a month of music and lights. The visitors’ center also displays crèches and decorated Christmas trees.

On the second night of the lighting ceremony, choir members are able to bring a guest, so I went with John. It’s amazing to see all the people from different parts of the world, many of them in their traditional dress. Here are some pictures of the choir, one of the trees, and the lights.



Yesterday, John and I drove up to Philly to see my friend Anne and her family. After reading stories and watching the end of Cars, we went to Longwood Gardens. They put up Christmas lights and decorations throughout the garden. In the conservatory, we wandered through the different rooms, with amazing decorations made from the plants in the room. They have a lighted fountain that dances to music. It’s pretty amazing.


At dinner Thatcher shows the girls sugar and salt.        Anne jumps with Hannah, Makennah, & Amelia
Me and Amelia                                         Makennah finds butterfly wings in the gift shop


John and Makennah watch the fountain light show.


In the DuPont house. In the building they had amazing baskets of poinsettias hanging from the ceiling.


In the birdhouse, Christmas decorations and bird’s nests in the Christmas tree.
Makennah kept asking to see the birds. I told her they were sleeping.

There were lots of rooms in the conservatory. This is what we saw when we entered. The lilies smelled divine and they decorated the trees with white hydrangeas.

The next room was also quite large, with more paths, grass, and fountains.

                                                              Who knew poinsettias could grow like trees?
This was my favorite: the lights hanging
from the ceiling and the Christmas trees
set up in the water and the tree made of
gingerbread men.

IMG_0922IMG_0923The tree was a frame with potted plants

The hothouse with the roses.


The main Christmas Tree near the entrance decorate with lovely green ornaments.