Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zero Solitude and a Mill

Yay for 3 day weekends and for accomplishing things on my list! I'm so excited to be getting these done. It's teaching me to make time to do things that I always think about doing but never do.

On Saturday, thing #9 - Hike Old Rag - was accomplished! John and I headed out before the sun was up to get to the trail before the crowds. The 3 miles to the summit includes two miles of switchbacks and the last mile is a rock scramble to the summit. After lunch at the summit, we hiked the 4.5 miles down the other side. It was a fantastic day! ;)

Thing #21 was to visit George Washington's Grist Mill. This was a tour of how Washington made his living by growing wheat and corn and turning it into flour, feed, and whiskey.

outside the Grist Mill
Jenny is finally taller than Amy
The workings of the Mill

(Current Tally: 19 done, 5 started, 3 to do)