Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bow Wreath

Last week I found this bow wreath on Real Simple and wanted to try it out. Here’s how I made it:




I went to the store to get the things to make it, but found they were all out of foam wreaths. So I bought a wire wreath instead.






I got several bags of multi-color bows. I wanted something bright for my living room, so I got bags with bright red, green, blue, teal, and purple. I opened and sorted 3 bags of bows through the process to get the colors and sizes that I wanted. I ended up with about a bag an a half left over.





Instead of gluing the bows to the wreath, I found that the wires were close enough together that I could work the tab through the wires and they stayed put.






  I put the bows close together for a full look.







I hung it with one of those easy release hooks and found some sparkly ribbon to tie to the top. I used some tape to stick the top of the ribbon to the wall.