Saturday, February 20, 2010

An update

So I've made some changes to my list. The list felt a little off to me. I found a couple of things that needed replacing and found a couple that I'm really excited about.

Number 5 is a project to learn more about my great-grandmother. She died the same day my grandfather was born and her family wasn't fond of my great-grandfather, so we know very little about her. She has been important to me since I was in high school when I first found some photographs of her. The main way I'll be able to do this is through some letters she wrote to my great-grandfather during their courtship.

Number 7 is a secret. It's a different type of secret than last year's secret. It'll be fun!

1. Relearn how to play the piano
2. Run a 1/2 marathon
3. Finish the photo album from last year's trip to Greece
4. Take a trip to Utah
5. Get to know Martha Lake Charmichael Medlock
6. Repaint my dresser
7. Is a secret!
8. Take a trip to Ireland
9. Secret writing project
10. Read Les Miserable (abridged)