Monday, October 17, 2011


In a conversation with my husband this weekend about ambitions, I realized there are many things that I would like to do, but don't do because there is always someone that does it better. But how can I expect to be good at anything if I don't try just because someone already does something really well.

This has always been a sort of subconscious reaction to things in my life. It partly come from a fear (there I said it, it's a fear) of having to work harder than before, of failing, of not being good at something, maybe even the best at something. I want to be perfect at things and when that can't be reached, I'm discouraged. But honestly, who reaches perfection in everything? Only the Savior.

In a recent address to the women of the church, President Uchtdorf reminded women of 5 things we shouldn't forget. (It's a beautiful it if you haven't already.) The first thing he tells us is to be patient with ourselves. This includes not comparing our weaknesses to other's strengths, being grateful for the successes you do have, and knowing that the process of perfection is long but is done one step at a time.

Sure there are always going to be better writers, better crafters, better runners, better whatevers; it doesn't have to be about being the best, simply about being and becoming. Sure there will be some stumbles and some discouragement, but that can be part of the process. It will take some changes to priorities and some better time management, but one step at a time, I can do it. So here is to trying new things and being a little more diligent about current ambitions. (I may even have a new list of things to do soon.)