Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I heart being a librarian

I'm in sunny (and windy) California for a librarian conference. This has been quite an adventure as I've been mostly on my own, which requires me to go sight seeing on my own, something I rarely do. But let me tell you it's a great experience. I get to see exactly what I want, when I want, and for as long as I want. But, I do find myself talking out loud to myself a bit more often than usual and there are moments that I wish I could share, so I guess there are some trade offs.

In the keynote session this morning, Paul Holdengraber was interviewed. This man is incredible. I've heard him speak a few times. He has revitalized programming at the NY Public Library and his vision for the library is refreshing. He has created a program called Live from the NYPL which are unique conversations, debates and performaces with a variety of people from President Clinton to William Forsythe. He even talked this morning about an opera that was performed based on E.B. White's Manual of Style. One of the things that they often do during the programs is conversation portraits. Flash Rosenburg draws as the program happens. These are quite clever and you can watch a few here.

Paul also said that of all the things that he is, he is "not a librarian; but nobody's perfect." Love it!