Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spreading Cheer

I was first introduced to Mexican Hot Chocolate as a junior in college when my folklore professor brought some in for us to try during our section on Mexican folklore. I buy it occasionally and this place in Del Ray has a great version called Lucy. I found a recipe for it and thought it would make for great Christmas presents.

It was really easy to make. I borrowed a food processor, mixed everything together, and put it in the food processor a little at a time. To make it present-ready, I put the chocolate in 16oz mason jars, leaving room for little marshmallows.


Using the lid as a template, I traced it onto Christmas scrapbook paper to insert in between the parts of the lid.


Next using Picnik, I created little tags that I printed on the back of snowflake scrapbook paper and cut them out with scrapbooking scissors and punched a hole in the corner.


With some ribbon, the tags were secured to the jars and bags.