Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Confession: I check Google Reader about 3 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, and not usually on Sundays. I subscribe to a blog about the city I love, newsfeeds about my church, and a blog written by a woman I've never met who makes me laugh. But mostly I subscribe to my friend's blogs. I hungrily wait for them to post so that I can look at pictures of their children or of their latest vacation or read what their reading or feel like I know something about them when seperated by time and distance. I get lost in their worlds and in their words. I have amazing friends. I'm grateful they write.

I've found myself wondering lately, does this make me selfish? My friends share and I take, but I rarely share back, except for an occasional comment. Is this because I feel like I have nothing to share or that I don't make it a priority or that I'm not sure what to share? So here is to sharing a little more about me, the things that make me feel blessed and the little things that make my life complete.