Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello 30, You Look Fine

This year, my birthday came in a blink of an eye. I bade farwell to my twenties with a small group of friends and family. As much as I loved my twenties, I'm ready for my thirties. I'm excited to see what will come and what I will become.

And now, a list (one of my favorite things!) of 30 things I'm grateful for/happened to me this year

  1.  My husband John. Uhm, so he's pretty great.
  2. Getting married. I was really excited to marry and be sealed to John; I was excited when we celebrate with friends and family; I was excited as we moved into our new place; I was excited to be with him a lot of the time (in fact going to work was torture for a while); but only a few things can compare to sitting in Relief Society a few Sundays after we were married, singing "Families Can Be Together Forever" and having the reality of that sink deep into my soul.
  3. My family. Both my immediate and extended family and my new in-laws. I'm really grateful for the love and warmth I've recognized and felt this year.
  4. My sister Jenny. So she also fits into number 3, but she has been so strong and supportive of me. She never tires and she's resilient and funny and adventurous.
  5. Visiting with my friend Anne and her family. We went up a few weeks ago to spend some time with them before they moved a few states west. Anne and I have been friends for many years. I love her and her little family. As Anne's oldest, Hannah, and I sat on a bench at Longwood Gardens, I asked Hannah, "Did you know I've known you since you were 3 months old?" Looking at me with her sweet face, her eyes wide, she said, "No, I didn't know that." I told her she has gotten so big (she'll be 6 in the spring) and gave her a big hug as my heart filled up so much I could barely breathe.
  6. For Saturday morning walks with Tammy.
  7. Regular scripture study and prayer. I have taken a new approach to my studies - I've been trying to study topically and not necessarily according to the topics in the Topical Guide - and this has made a world of difference. I've studied the women mentioned by name in the Book of Mormon; I've studied the words of Jacob, Nephi's brother. I'm studying mercy, right now.
  8. For friends. New and Old.
  9. For work. Not just my job, but being able to serve and do house work and work out.
  10. Having a temple so close by. I must admit, on most days driving to the temple, I don't mind sitting in traffic. It gives me time to not be in a rush, to let go of things that happened that day, to turn my thoughts to the Lord.
  11. Modern transportation. We took so many trips this year - South Carolina, Wyoming, California, Wyoming, and Wyoming again. Most were in airplanes which makes family far away seeable more often.
  12. Becoming familiar with Wyoming. John's family is there and I really like going there (and I really love flying into SLC!)
  13. For the number 13. That number seems to be a tender mercy. And for the other tender mercies the Lord offers me.
  14. Going with the modern theme, modern communication - email, im, facebook, skype, blogs. I've been able to keep in some contact with people from my mission and friends now spread out around the world. I've been able to "meet" a sister-in-law and their new girls through the marvels of skype while they were living in Taiwan.
  15. Crafts. I've been trying lots of new things - knitting, mod podge, wreaths, digital scrapbooks. I love creating.
  16. Writing. I crave this sometimes. even if it's just for me.
  17. Reading. Why is there not more time in the day?!
  18. For happy suprises. I worry a bit. Too much sometimes. I'm learning to let the Lord guide me and letting myself not feel like I have to be in control of everything.
  19. Decorating/Arranging my own place. Ok so John has some imput too, but it's ours, together.
  20. South Carolina. It will always feel a little like home.
  21. Relief Society. I love this organization and the way it brings sisters in the gospel together. So much good, so much love, so many friends.
  22. Participating in events in my friend's and family's lives - graduations, weddings, engagements, new opportunities, etc.
  23. Talking on the phone with my mom. So she doesn't live far from me, but we call each other a few times a week just to chat.
  24. Discovering I really like database design.
  25. I love that, through the atonment, I can change - change behavior, change, my thoughts, change my heart - and be better
  26. For a husband that so willingly gives of his time and resources to others.
  27. Being a Flake. So there are times where I miss my maiden name, but I'm liking the new name. John has to watch my consumption of things with snowflakes on them.
  28. For yoga. This is something I found this year. I do it in my home with my netflix subscription. It feels so nice.
  29. Quiet time. Time to recharge and collect my thoughts and be ready for the world.
  30. Paper Airplanes and Lemonade...