Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ingredient for Happiness

When I was 5 and in kindergarten we had a p.e. class at least once a week. One day, while sitting and receiving instructions, I tied my shoes together with double knots that I couldn't untie. The teacher scolded me and untied my shoes as the rest of the class went out for the activity. I felt a little like that today.

A little while back I was issued new identification at work with a new badge holder with two slots. Perfect I thought for the other card on my lanyard. After a little pushing, the second card slid in, but the fit was so tight neither card could come back out. It didn't matter much until today.

 I needed the id badge to do something but I couldn't get it out. The badge lady told me I was in trouble (she was kidding) but they couldn't do anything about it. My coworkers tried. We used rubber bands, letter openers, erasers, and shear will-power. My manager even tried to help with a pair of pliers. The division head walked in at that moment and decided to join in. With a small screw driver he got one badge out. After a few more minutes of trying, a screw driver, and the pliers the other one came out. Arms, including the division head's, went up in victory.

For a few moments I felt like that little girl standing in the class with the teacher untying her shoes. But instead of embarrassment from another silly thing done, I laughed with the rest of them as they couldn't figure out how I had gotten it in there in the first place and as we came up with new ways to try to get them out. Learning to laugh at one's self seems to be one ingredient to a happy life.